Resumes and CVs are usually one-pagers with “dry” information, that don’t necessary reflect any specifics about the candidate.
To become Smart, LIBI engages with all applicants and candidates, and give them a simple and friendly experience so it could learn about their personal preferences and needs, and thus suggest them only relevant and accurate positions.
Create a simple interactive experience for candidates, that could also be flexible and customized for the recruiters that create them.
“No CV- No Problem!”
By answering questionnaires and filling dynamic profile, LIBI Smart provides a new experience for candidates to receive opportunities for positions, without the need for writing a resume, which could be a drag.
LIBI Smart engages with every candidate through social channels such as SMS, Whatsapp or emails, and sends them a job opportunity.
If the candidate finds the opportunity compatible, he goes through a series of questions to determine if he matches the job requirements.
Dynamic Dashboard
Each candidate can access a personal dashboard where could manage his opportunities and all of his information and preferences. The more details and specifics the candidate provides, thus LIBI could suggest better opportunities.
The candidate can access the dashboard easily from desktop or mobile.

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